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Moving Beyond You Tube

For keeping up on the current events of Disney, having videos and trailers that are of high quality is essential. It also nice to search for videos that could have more interesting and profession topics. Although You Tube has alway been my standard video search tool, I find their Search Engine to be unhelpful. It is not that they don't have great videos, it is just that it is hard to find them when they are mixed in with lots of useless ones.

Looking For High Quality Trailers and Other Inspiration

After looking through different video search engines, such as, You Tube, Blinkx, and Google Video, I found the one that actually suite Disney's needs the best is a site called Truveo.



Truveo is actually a meta search tool of lots of different video search tools that are all compiled on this site. It has an excellent interface that organizes the videos into different kinds of categories. For example, when you search "disney" the first part of the retrievals on the left can be sorted based on ranking, date, most viewed, etc… Then there are "featured channels" that have other ways of experiencing Disney, such as through Podcasts or news items. One of the coolests parts about Truveo is that in the lower right hand corner is all the different video tools that Truveo pools from and all of the retrievals that come from them.

The only downside to Truveo is that you cannot directly embed a video from them onto Wiki. In order to do so, you have to find were the video is really from (i.e. You Tube or Google Video or …) by clicking on the video. Then if that search engine is compatible with WikiDot, you can then upload the video.

So what I am really saying is not to stay a away from You Tube, but find a way to use You Tube more effectively.

For more on Truveo, read my blog on video searching for movie trailers !

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