Stock Image Searches



Name/Access: MorgueFile
Frequency: It will not be neccessary to check this site on a regular basis.
Information: Images are returned in pages of 12 that each have a complete description of each photograph (author, image type, size…). Once you find an image that you like, you can click on the image to learn further details. If you wish to download an image, you can select to "download the image to a zip file."
Query: Disney
Evaluation: Unfortunately, the downloading feature of this site makes it challenging to upload pictures to your wiki. Even though it is easy to get the images, you need to have image as an HTML in order to use the image for your site. The images were pretty cool. But they weren't that much nicer than other image sites to make it worth the effort. Therefore, because it is pretty difficult to get much benefit out of the site, I would rank it a two out of ten.

Image After

Name/Access: Image After
Frequency: It will not be necessary to return to this site on a regular basis.
Information: These image tend to be more "raw" and organic in nature. First, you specify what type of images you would like to see returned (i.e. art_paintings, industry, sculpture…). Then you specify what types of textures you would like your image to be (i.e. glass, fur, food…) as well as the key word. Then images return that match.
Query: Disney
Evaluation: Image After only returned one image for the query. It was a fuzzy picture of Buggs Bunny— which isn't even a Disney character. Therefore, this is by far the worst image search site for Disney. It ranks (if possible) a 0 out of 10.

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