Source Review: Movie Industry News Pipe

Movie Industry News Pipe

These are sites that discuss the movie industry at large. Most of their content is not Disney-related. To make them easier to use, I created a Yahoo Pipe to filter them to our needs.


These are the Pipe Inputs:

Name: Movie Industry News Pipe

Access: RSS -> Bloglines

Frequency: Should be checked daily.

Information: These feeds cover general movie industry news. They cover movie reviews, box office ratings, and general news going in Hollywood. They are not the only sources but they are a good place to start. They are filtered to only bring up Disney news. This means that it could miss relevant news on "Pixar" or things that are slightly different. Therefore, it would be good to check another site as well.

Query: see the seperate reviews for First Showing and Cinemantical

Evaluation: Yahoo Pipes took some mediocre resources and turned them into excellent resources. Before, only some of them were relevant. Now, all of them are. And the sources are very credible as well. I highly recommend this Pipe and would rank it a eight out of ten.

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