Source Review: Magic Mountain Forums

Magic Mountain Forums

Name: Magic Mountain Forums

Access: Bloglines RSS (Note: Not directly RSS-able…have to find the relevant forum to Disney film)

Frequency: Should be checked about every day.

Information: This is site all about Disney, with main focus on the theme parks. The part I have an RSS to are their forum discussions. They have forum topics of all sorts but only one focuses on "Movies, TV, and Theater." The forums are posts from fans and include information of all sorts - from news-related current events to promotional vacations.

Evaluation: Although the occasional post is useful, the majority are not very relevant. They also tend to lack enough information to be as credible as some of the other RSS sources out there. The style is much more conversation based…somewhat like a networking place for Disney fans. It is good for a "jumping off point" to finding more research. After you find interesting posts here, then go to other sources to double check. I would rank this source a four out of ten.

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