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Laughing Place


Laughing Place is a huge site and one of my main sources. It has dozens of resources within the site itself. The hard part is distinguishing the news that is related to my topic and all of the news related to theme parks and other Disney franchises. In order to track seperate parts of the site, I used Yahoo Pipes to filter the news for "Movies, movie, or film" and also sort the results based on date. The sources that go into this one feed are three different blogs, two discussion boards, and the -main news site.

Name: Laughing Place Movie News

Access: Bloglines or search Yahoo Pipes forLaughing Place Yahoo Pipe

Frequency: Shoule be checked daily.

Information: This source has a combination of blogs, discussions, news, and articles related to the current events of Disney Pictures. Some of it will seem very relevant, but other posts will be a movie review or something that is slightly less useful. Either way, it still has a lot of content that is useful. Hopefully, Yahoo Pipes has helped filter it quite a bit.

Query: I actually found Laughing Place through the links on "The Disney Blog" page.

Evaluation: Laughing Place is great. They really know what they are talking about. There is a ton of information on this site that is very credible. The only tricky part is weeding through the non-relevant stuff. Once the Yahoo Pipe narrows it down it really helps. I would rank Laughing Place an eight out of ten.

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