Source Review: Laughing Place Podcasts

Laughing Place Podcasts

Name: Laughing Place Podcasts

Access: Apart of the larger Laughing, which can RSS main articles, but not podcasts. Was found through The Disney Blog, which was found through Bloglines.


Frequency: Check no more than once every week to two weeks. They don't update them that often, but often enough that you wouldn't want to forget about them.

Information: This podcasts have a rotation of commentators that work for the site. They are all experts on one subject or another…whether it be theme parks, radio, TV, or film (or something else). They all discuss current events that are easy to understand and also give opinions (politely) from those that really know the business. They last about an hour so the best way to get through it time efficiently is to skip over the stuff that doesn't pertain to the site, which is around 60% of the content.

Query: Found this part of the website by looking through the tabs on the homepage -> was listed under the "Podcasts" tab

Evaluation: The podcasts are a great resource. At least for some new content and a new way of learning new things…they also can be pretty entertaining. It is unfortunate that there are not podcasts devoted entirely to Disney Pictures, but I would image that there simply is not enough news content for that. It also is not that difficult to skim over the parts that irrelevant since they tend to settle on each discussion for a considerable amount of time. I would rank this a six out of 10.

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