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First Showing


Name: First Showing

Access: Bloglines RSS (found initially through Google)

Frequency: Should be checked every few days. There probably won't be Disney news on a daily basis but should checked fairly often to check on competitors and Disney subsidiaries.

Information: This site has a lot of general content on the movie industry. Some of it is really relevant to Disney while others is completely useless. There is enough Disney related contented to check it often enough though. They have general release dates, news, podcasts, blogs, and articles. The information seems very credible, though the interface is a little noisy.

Query: mark johnson voyage of the dawn treader

Evaluation: This site is pretty good when you need to double check important and groundbreaking industry relevant news. However, it has lots of non-Disney news that you have to weed through. It is fairly useful to have as a general reference to keep an eye what is going on in the larger industry. I would rank this site a 5 out of ten.

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