Source Review: Digg "Walt Disney Pictures" Search

Digg "Walt Disney Pictures" Search


Name: Digg

Access: Bloglines RSS

Frequency: This query doesn't update very often so I would check no more than once a week.

Information: These are articles and posts made by users of Digg. You can vote on the posts that you like by pressing the "Digg" button next to the article. You can also sort the articles by date/diggs/match to your query. You can also create a custom digg. This particular search is pretty basic.

Query: "Walt Disney Pictures"

Evaluation: Most of the retrievals of this search are pretty useless. Even though each of the posts are vaguely on topic, they really are not that helpful for this site. They don't go into very much detail. This doesn't mean Digg isn't very useful as a tool - just that this particular RSS isn't that great. I would rank it a one out of ten.

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