Source Review: Cinemantical



Name: Cinemantical

Access: Through Bloglines ( "Search for feeds" )

Frequency: Normally, for RSS I would say check daily, but this site doesn't have enough Disney-related content to check more than twice a month

Information: This blog focuses on the movie industry as a whole, with lots of emphasis on independent films. It has lots of coverage of film festivals and those films that were released at them. Additionally, it will cover non-motion picture related media, such as off-beat satires. It then has discussions on Hollywood as a whole, asking broad questions, such as "who do you think would play [blank] in the next [blank]?"

Evaluation: Disney doesn't have much to do with film festivals and generally is that related to the types of films that this blog covers. The age genre tends to be ages 13 and up, which typically isn't that relevant for this research. Occasionally, they do have pieces on Disney (which was how I found it in the first place), but not frequently enough to use the site regularly. Likewise, even though their pieces are interesting and though provoking, they are too subjective for our purposes. This site tries to stray away from information that is too broad and opinion oriented. On the whole, there really isn't much of a use for this blog. I would rank it a one out of ten.

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