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BNet RSS Feeds

Name: BNet RSS Pages for both "Walt Disney Pictures" and "Disney Pictures"

Access: Bloglines

Frequency: These need not be checked often as there are rarely useful updates


Information: BNet has lots of credible news-related and business-related articles that are presented in list form. The focus tends to be on management of the Company as a whole.

Query: Disney Pictures And Walt Disney Pictures


The are a few things wrong with this source:

  • First, most of the articles tend to focus on corporate Disney. This is fine for the occasional article. However, the majority of this website is dedicated to Walt Disney Pictures, which really isn't BNet's area of specialty.
  • Second, it is rarely edited. The most recent article is from May and most of the others in the feed are from 2007. It really isn't very useful for keeping up with current events.

As far as usefulness goes, I would rank BNet a one out of ten.

Miscellaneous: It could have something to do with the query. I suppose if you wanted to look up stuff on the company specifically, than BNet would be a better source. For example, here is the link for the "Disney" query, which has lots more recent documents.

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