Source Review: Animation News Pipe

Animation Blogs and News Pipe

Most animated sites have lots of stuff and not all of it is relevant. That is why I put together a Yahoo Pipe to help narrow down the results.


Pipe Inputs:

A Film L.A.

This is a general animation blog with a focus on Disney

Animated News and Views

This is more of forum…a good place for getting ideas

Name: Animation Blogs and News Pipe

Access: RSS Bloglines

Frequency: Should be checked about twice a week.

Information: This sites have lots of general information on the world of animation. Some of it is really in depth information on animation that really isn't relevant for this site. While other of the forum posts are too vague. That is why these resouces are great jumping off point.

Query: I found both of these sources through the links on the Disney History Blog

Evalution: These resources are definitely not the most useful. They do have some good content occasionally but I wouldn't plan on getting lots of information out of them. I would rank it a three out of ten.

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