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Name/Access: Bloglines
Information: You can search for posts (blogs) , feeds (news blogs) , citations (books/resources) , the web (general info) , or urls, through Bloglines. From here, you can sort the retrievals by relevance, date, or popularity. If you find a site that you find useful, you can subscribe to the site and you can even subscribe to that particular search query if you would like to track it. Likewise, on the right hand side of the page, you will see "matching feeds" that have entire feeds that match your query.
"Walt Disney Pictures Returned nothing useful, while walt disney corporation returned one source useful: 5 Reasons Disney Sees A Dark Feature
Evaluation: I really like Bloglines interface and search engine. It is really easy to use and the results tend to be fairly credible. I would rank it 6 out ten.

Google Blog Search

Name/Access: Google Blog Search
Query: walt disney pictures corporation "walt disney pictures" disney
Evaluation: Using the "advanced search options" really made a difference at this site and greatly improved the relevance of the retrievals. Only a few sites would I consider somewhat useful, such as Stock Preacher's Blog. I would rank Google Blog a three out of ten.

Blog Pulse

Name/Access: Blog Pulse
Query: "Walt Disney Pictures"
Evaluation: Blogpulse had my favorite interface of all of these blog search tools. The blog analysis tools wer very cool, such as these Trend Results of my search, which shows you how popular a topic is over time. Unfortunately, the results generally were not very useful and focused mainly on Disney land or useless information. I would rank it two out of ten.

Query: "Walt Disney company"
Evaluation: This query was slightly different and found the results to be much more relevant. The interface is nice to look and easy to use; I much prefer it to Google Blog or Technorati. I would rank it 6 out of ten.
Misc: The "top 10 blogs" on the right hand side is very cool, even though it is not remotely relevant to Disney.


Name/Access: Technorati
Query: walt AND disney AND pictures
Evaluation: I do not particularly like Technorati's interface because you have to hunt for the date and the summary is somewhat hard to read. However, there was a particularly good site that I found from this search called Disney Juice. I would rank it a four out of ten.

Ice Rocket

Name/Access: Ice Rocket
Query: "walt disney pictures" title:"Disney" tag:"walt disney pictures"
Evaluation: I LOVE the interface. The dates of retrievals are clearly displaced next to each post and it is easy to sort the retrievals based on date. Generally, of the 23 retrievals a few were useful, which means that this site is still a good resource. I rank it a seven out ten.

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