RSS: Really Simply Sindication


RSS tools are designed to automatically manage the changes to sites that you frequently use. They make it much easier to follow current and ongoing events, through the news, blogs, and press updates. Once you find a site that you want to track that has an RSS feature, you can subscribe to you through an RSS aggregator. You can then check all of the updates of your feeds in one convenient place. I personally use Bloglines, which I found to be a very reliable and easy to use tool. I found several of my resources by searching for RSS feeds.

RSS Search Tools

To see my evaluation of using RSS search tools, check out the RSS Tools page.

I also tried more advanced ways of searching for RSS feeds with Searchable Subject Indices of RSS Feeds.

RSS in Plain English Video

Getting Fancy:

Yahoo Pipes

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Query: Disney Nothing was very relevant :(

Extracting Information From an RSS

I had always wanted to regularly monitor NYTimes movie news but had wished to filter it for specifically disney-related news.
I found This Video to be very helpful for creating my first Pipe.

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