Reasearch Notes

**Here is where I keep my Research Notes

The Movie Industry

Department of Labor - Nature of Movie Industry--Not That Helpful

PDF on Sustainability of the Movie Industry

Disney Pictures


General Business File ASAP Query: Disney Pictures (results are citations)
*General Business File ASAP query:(in title, citation, abstract): disney pictures AND "walt disney pictures" disney AND history "walt disney film" NOT USEFUL—1-3 citations that were outdated, irrelevant.

ECO-Concepts query "walt Disney pictures" Not relevant—-all about movie museums



Disney exec does charity work

Disney Goes to Middle East 2008

ProQuest (I like the suggested searches)

[ Query Walt Disney Pictures

Holiday Film Season As Bad As Can Be

Paramount/Dreamworks Split

Walt Disney Homepage

Disney Pictures Homepage

Disney Corporation Info


Disney Timeline Query: johnny depp salary pirate 4 Magic Mountain

(query: walt disney pictures all things film movies -travel -books)
[ Walt Disney Pictures Blog) —- I have already RSSed it.

(query: allintitle:walt disney pictures OR intitle:disney OR allintitle:disney history -disneyland -travel)

Video History of Walt Disney Pictures 1985-2006

Disney Fansite; Has Lots Of Links NOT very helpful for research but does not some cool stuff.

List of Disney Feature Films

List of Disney Animated Films

General Web Resource Suggestions from WashU

* Harvard Business Review Cases Keyword Disney—-Not narrow enough …covers disneyland…and so on AND NOT FREE…aprox $6.50 an article for limited access
* MPAA Member List Not very helpful at all…simply takes you to the homepage

Working backward from "Tom Lassater" Query

Pixar Founder Takes Disney Into Another Dimension

[Is John Lasseter Disney Toons Fairy Godmother? (Query: john lasseter productions with disney)

Hyperion Vintage Disney news—-found through doing a disney image search on google for "disney news" NOT helpful for my research,. but interesting

Yahoo Directory

This are resources I found with the query "disney corporation"

This day in Disney History Somewhat ugly interface, but kinda fun daily facts

Columbia Journalism Review Much more credible website with history and a "who own's what feature]

Columbia Journalism Review Corporate Timeline A very nice interface with the general timeline of all things corporate disney

Librarian's Internet Index

Turbo 10 -> Cluster: Research


Disney Stock Updates


Google Blog

RSS Feeds

RSS Network

query:disney movies

All NYT movie news In the future I want to narrow this down via Yahoo Pipes so it only shows Disney related news]

Meta Searches

Wiki closing logos Mainly about logos

Unofficial Disney Wiki—-Cover more than just theater.

-> Walt Disney Bio

Zimbio Entertainment Blog

Unhelpful sources

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