Page Monitors

Page Monitors are a way to track sites that don't have RSS capabilities.

What They Do

  • They automatically check sites that have changed
  • They then deliver the results to your method of choice (I prefer RSS Feeds)

Examples of Page Monitoring Software

Watch That Page

You can create page monitors that will be emailed to your account.
Their FAQs are a good starting point for seeing the benefits of Watch That Page. I personally have not gotten much benefit out of watch that page. I much prefer Dapper.

This has been the only page monitoring software that I have successfully used. You may want to watch the Dapper Video Tutorial first - can be kind of confusing. I used Dapper to watch a page called Zimbio because it was about to feed into my Bloglines account. It took a little bit of time, but it was definitely worth it. Now it is basically like I have an RSS feed

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