Current and Ongoing Events

I used these automatic tracking tools in order to put together my Disney Blog List. Most of the resources come from RSS tools and can be found on the this Blog Roll. The this Blog Roll is a feed that comes from my Bloglines account.

Current Events Search

Resources that regarding current and ongoing events can be found through a variety of techniques. Some of the ones that I tried were:

Automatic Tracking Tools

Once you find sites that are useful, you can use these tools to keep track of changes to sites that provide Disney current events so that you don't have to track the sites manually:

An automatic feed of a site that comes to one place (I use Bloglines for all my RSS feeds)

These are for pages that don't have an RSS feature-they track changes to the pages and then report them back to you through your method of choice.

These tools track changes to relevant resources and email you the results

To see evaluations on the specific resources I use for my Disney Blog List visit the RSS Source Review Page.

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