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Google News Image Search

Name/Access: Google News Image Search
Frequency: Unlike many other image searches, it my be useful to be regularly updated in image/news changes on Google. In order to do this, you can use Google Alerts. However, make sure that the query you have is specific enough so that you do not get too much information that it is overwhelming.
Information: Although Google News does not have an exact image search, you can search for images related to the news if you select the "image version" on an of their news pages. This can be very useful when you regularly follow news and want to post images or would like to use the images to speed up your filtering of news. Once you type in a query, the results are displayed as thumbnail images on the left side and as you run your mouse over the image, a scrolling reel of headings on the left hand size will rotate to find to match the image with the heading. Then, you can click on the image and it will take to the article. Although you cannot take the image directly, you can get ideas of image you may want to find elsewhere on the web.
Query: "Disney Pictures" OR "disney film" OR "pixar"
Evaluation: Here is a interesting article I found through this search from New York Times regarding Walt Disney Pictures combination with Bollywood to make Roadside Romeo 2008. And this is video trailer I found about Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar's up and coming production of "Up":

I really loved the interface of this tool. It is probably one of my favorite search tools from Google. I am definitely a visual learner, and seeing the news as images first makes it much easier for me to take it all in. Likewise, most of the sources seemed credible. However, as is the downside with all Google products, you don't exactly know where the sources are coming from so it is crucial to cross check your searches across many different tools. On the whole, I would rank Google News Image Search a 7 out of 10.

Yahoo News Image Search


Name/Access: Yahoo News Image Search
Frequency: For Disney, probably doesn't need to be checked on daily basis
Information: Yahoo provides current event news that can have specific "image" settings. This can be a cool way to get images as well as learn more about current events.
Query: Disney Robert Iger
Evaluation: Compared with Google Image Search, I found Yahoo's to be slightly less impressive. It was still a strong product, but I will probably use Google over Yahoo. I would rank Yahoo's News Image Search a four out of ten.

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