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This site is meant to be an interactive way for users to share knowledge about Disney Pictures as well as learn the best tools for gaining the knowledge. This site was created as the term project for the class BIT 330 at the Ross School of the Business at the University of Michigan.


Background of Walt Disney Pictures

Walt Disney Pictures is a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Corporation. The Walt Disney Corporation is a massive conglomerate that owns an enormous portion of the entertainment industry. To get an idea of just how big it is, be sure to check out what this research does not cover. We are not concerned with other subsidiaries of the Walt Disney Corp, just the feature animated films produced by "Walt Disney Pictures". Background information on the history, the studios, the motion picture industry, and Disney-Pixar can be found here.

Current and Ongoing Events

These events that are learned from these sources are recorded in this Disney Blog List.


Search Techniques and Tools


This wiki has explored and evaluated various search tools, including:

  • Video Search
  • Custom Search Engines
  • Deep Web Search Tools
  • Blog Search Tools
  • Page Monitors
  • Yahoo Pipes
  • Page Monitors
  • Image Search

To learn all about them visit the Search Tools and This Site tabs!

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