Image searches are by far the most interesting thing to search that I have found. Although I had previously that all of the really cool images cost money, I have explored many sites that have equally amazing images for free. Here I have broken them down by what kind of use they have. If you click on the header, I go further in depth on each of the techniques and give recommendations.


General Disney Images

These are useful when you have a vague idea of what images you want and are not that concerned with specificity.

  1. Google Images
  2. Ask Images
  3. Yahoo Images

Image Search Engines of the General Web

These are far more specific ways to search the web and generally have far more useful images.

  1. Tineye
  2. Picsearch
  3. Pixolu
  4. Exalead Image Search

Image Specific Searches

These are great when you know that you want high quality images and have an idea of what you want. These are private images, which is why they are more artistic.

  1. Flickr
  2. Compfight

News Image Searches

These are useful when you are presenting a current or ongoing event.

  1. Google News Images
  2. Yahoo News Images

People and Face Image Searches


Great for presentations on current or historical management. Although I will not demonstrate it here, you can filter Google and other general image searches so that they only demonstrate faces.

  1. Facesaerch
  2. Picitup

Stock Image Searches


These are high quality images. Unfortunately, some of the best cost money. However, there are some amazing stock art searches that are free, which is what I have focused on.

  1. Morguefile
  2. Image After

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