Image Specific Searches

These sites both pool from Flickr, which is a database of private images. The images generally tend to be much higher quality and unique to any other kinds of images you find through more general image searches.



Name/Access: Flickr
Frequency: Although the images on Flickr are AWESOME, it probably will not be necessary to use regular updates on changes to the site. However, if you desire to be regularly updated, you can follow the email alert procedures.
Information: Flickr images and videos are designed for personal use and pool images that users have created. They have a private database and will generally have much higher quality images that you find at more general image search engines. Once you query you can specify how you want your images to be displayed (as either thumbnails or as a list with image details). Once you find an image that you like, click on it. Then specify which size you would like by selecting "all sizes." From there, you can copy the URL and use it in your wiki via the Image Wizard.
Query: Disney
Evaluation: Compared with all other generally image search tools I have used, Flickr has by far the highest quality and most unique. However, sometimes the query wont always bring back exactly what I had in mind and I wish there were some tools that helped to refine the search. On the other hand, the tool that lets you select what size you like is very useful. On the whole, I would rank this site an 8 out of a possible 10.
Miscelaneous: I highly recommend Flickr, but Compfight (which is described below) which is an image search tool just for flick I like even more.



Name/Access: Compfight
Frequency: Once you visit Compfight once, you will probably want to visit it many times. However, it will probably not be necessary to watch it regularly for Disney images. If you do find it necessary, however, you can follow the email alert procedures.
Information: Compfight searches images in the Flickr database. The images are returned with 16 per page in thumbnail form. Once you find an image you look, you click on it. Then if the image has notes, you can run your mouse over the image to read them. Then you can click on the "all sizes" button to see what sizes you can get your image in. Then you can specify between thumbnail through large image, which is EXTREMELY useful.
Query: Disney
Evaluation: As far as quality goes, Comfight (and Flickr) have amazing, unique, and awesome images. It also was the only site that I have found that allows you to select exactly what type of size (exactly) you would like. I can honestly recommend using Compfight for any of your image search needs. Compared with other search tools, I would rank it a 9.
Miscelaneous: You can also specify "tag" vs. "text" searches of your keyword, which can make a difference in retrievals. Both settings retrieve awesome images, it is up to you what is more useful.

Notes: For uploading Flickr images on your Wiki, you can use the Image Wizard by copy and pasting the URL (after you specify which image size you would like) in order to specify which image you would like.

Additionally, it should be noted that for both Flickr and Compfight images, you can only use PUBLIC images. Certain images are private and will not let you use them on your wiki site.

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