Image Search Engines of the General Web

These sites are designed to be more specific searches than Google, Yahoo, and Ask can offer. They still pool from the general web, but gather different kinds of images and have unique search software for each site.



Name/Access: Tineye
Frequency: Generally, it will not be necessary to have ongoing feeds of pages. Once you have visited the site for a specific search, you probably will not need to return.
Information: The site is designed to help you find additional matches of a specific image on the web. This can be very useful if you like an image but would prefer certain changes, such as size or color. You paste the url or file name of an image you are already familiar with and and Tineye will find matches for it, if there are any.
Query: Disneyland Reflections
Evaluation: This query was not useful as it simply found the url that I pasted and retrieved images from it. I wasn't looking for THAT image, but the same image of a larger size. Compared with other image searches, I rank it a 3. Although it has cool images in its "cool searches" feature, these images are not disney specific. Generally, for our purposes, I do not think Tineye will be very useful.
Miscellaneous: In most cases, it will not be worth your while to use Tineye. However, Tineye is in Beta form and as Tineye becomes more established it may be a more reliable site.



Name/Access: Picsearch
Frequency: It will not be necessary to be regularly updated on changes on this site, especially given the types of images that PicSearch uses.
Information: PicSearch is a search engine specifically for images of the general web. It is designed to be more specific than a site, such as Google Images, would retrieve. One of the useful features is that it specifies the dimensions of each picture before you click on it so that you can narrow down you search based on size.
Query: Disney Pictures
Evaluation: Compared with other specialized search engines, the quality of PicSearch seemed very low. Likewise, there were no filtering options that I prefer, such as color and size. It didn't have very remarkable or unique retrievals and I would rank it a 3.
Miscellaneous: In the future, I would not recommend PicSearch for Disney-related images.



Name/Access: Pixolu
Frequency: It will not be necessary to receive regular updates on changes to Pixolu.
Information: This is a very cool image search site. You type in a keyword and anywhere from about 75-300 disney images come back in the form of tiny thumbnails. Then you click on images that you prefer and drag them over to the right hand side and click "next." You repeat this step again and click "refine" in order to narrow down your search as much as possible. These images generally tend to be much more unique than previous image search tools I have used.
Query: Disney
Evanluation: Although the images were generally very spectacular, the site lacked some general tools that I prefer. Pixolu does not let you filter images based features, such as size, and as a result the only way to see the actual form of the image is by clicking on it, which can get frustrating when you are looking through 80 images. Likewise, it can be very slow if you do not use it at the right time of day. That be said, if you are patient, the images really are unique…I would rank it a 6 compared with other image search tools.
Miscellaneous: To make sure that Pixolu works works as fast as possible, use it late at night.


Exalead Image Search

Name/Access: Exalead Image Search
Frequency: There is no need to be regularly updated on changes to this site
Information: The site retrieves images of about 12 per page on a white background, which is very easy to look at. It is also very nice that when you are searching, you can filter based on many qualities AND it specifies what percentage of retrievals fit into those categories, such as "face images."
Query: Walt Disney Corporation
Evaluation: Although this site has an amazing interface and is really easy to use, the quality of images is pretty bad. There was not one image in the top 48 that I would consider using from three different Disney queries. Compared with other search tools, I would rank Exalead a 5.
Miscelaneous: I would not recommend using this tool in the future.

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