Google Analytics

Monitoring This Site

As this site develops, it will become increasingly important to know where this site relates to the rest of the web. It will be nice to knowhow people access your site, how often they use, and what parts of your site they visit the most. For data on this, we are going to use the tool Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is an awesome (and free) trend tool that can reveal that traffic to your site as well as specific details about the users. For example, you can learn about the demographics of the user, how many sites they visited, and how long they were at the site. This can give an idea of weakness and strengths of site and what kind of audience you might have.

It has already been set up through the Site Manager -> 3rd Party Tools. As this site becomes public, it will began collecting data ! It will be exciting to check back on this site after a month or so… :)

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