General Disney Images

Google Images


Fairly easy to navigate and has nice features that let you specify size and whether the image is a "news," "face," or "photo" content image. However, compared to other sites I have found, the quality of the images ranks low. Likewise, because nearly everyone seems to utilize Google images, they will seem generic and unoriginal. For eye catching images, I suggest you use some of the more specialized tools.

Name/Access: Google Images
Frequency: Although you will regularly need to use images, it is not frequent enough that you will need to be updated on images changes via email alert.
Information: The images are retrieved with a spread of about 18 per page and have lots of blank white space between each image. As a result, it is really hard to see the details of an image unless you click on it, which can get time consuming if you do it for several images.
Query: "walt disney pictures" OR "disney world" (and also selected medium images with photo content)
Evaluation: Compared to other images searches, I would rank it a 4 for its lack of quality and originality of the images.
Miscellaneous: The filtering capabilities really are useful. But for our purposes, we really need images that stand out, which is why I recommend sites, such as Flickr or Morguefile.


Ask Images

I had never used Ask Images before and was greatly surprised as how much I liked it! The interface is much easier to use and much better shows off the images. It also pools slightly different images than Google, which I is why I always recommend using multiple sources when searching for an image. That being said, these images are still not spectacular compared with some other sites, which is why you should try more specialized search engines.

Name/Access: Ask Images
Frequency: As with Google images, there will be no need to have regular updates.
Information: The images a presented differently than Google Images; there are only 12 images per page, each with a shaded gray background to help distinguish the image further. Likewise, it has additionally filtering items than Google images by allowing you to specify what type of colors and what file type the image should be.
Query: walt disney pictures OR walt disney world (with setting of medium sized and color pictures)
Evaluation: I much preferred it to Google, but still had issues with finding spectacular images. As a result, I will only rank it a 5.
Miscellaneous: The "related searches" on the left hand side of Ask make it much easier to refine your search.

Yahoo! Images


Yahoo! was my least favorite of these three general image searches. Although it did have the nice filtering features that the other two did, the images seemed to have the lowest quality, comparatively. Likewise, the interface was about the same as Google, which made it difficult to get an idea of how the image actually looks from its thumbnail. I do not recommend using any of these search engines when you need unique and exceptional images for presentations. But if you must use them, don't use Yahoo!.
Name/Access: Yahoo! Images
Frequency: You will not do enough image searching via Yahoo! to need regular email updates.
Information: The interface is much more like Google images. It retrieves about 18 images per page, all on a white background. It is hard to see the quality of the image based on its thumbnail, which is why you need to click on the image to properly evaluate. It is nice, however, it be to specify what size and color you would like of the images.
Query: walt disney pictures OR disney world (with "medium" image setting)
Evaluation: Compared with Google and Ask, I actually liked Yahoo! the least. The images seemed to be the poorest of quality and the interface was the most difficult to navigate, which is why I rank it a 3.

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