Exploring Blog Connections

One way to find new resources is through the resources that you have already found.


Explore Blogs You Already Use

Some of the blogs I subscribe to had tons of links on their homepage that provided lots of other sites. This has been a great way for me to find RSS feeds.

Search for Citations

Another way I was able to take advantage of blog connections is by using "url search" or "citation searches of blog search engines, such as Technorati, to find other web pages that cite a resource that I have found. However, that wasn't really a success for me. For example, almost all Disney-related blogs will cite Disney's Homepage. Therefore, to get blogs that are even more specific to my topic, I used a url that only those that do a lot of research would probably bother with. The URL I searched for was Cult of Cummings, a niche-market fan club of a celebrated cartoon voice actor that also covers Disney current events. Unfortunately, when I did their advanced search, there were no results. I guess that was too specific. Next, I tried The Disney Blog, which sadly also returned No results. That was frustrating. I then tried using a different tool, Bloglines and searched for "citations" of The Disney Blog . The search retrieved results, but none were really of any use.

I think that if you have luck and the right links, this could be a very awesome way to find new tools. However, for these particular networks of Disney Blogs, I wouldn't count on finding stuff through Blog Search Engines :(

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