Disney Blog: The Lion King Story

November 22, 2008

Sorry that I am really behind the times, considering The Lion King came out in 1994. I was recently thinking about this because I just found my soundtrack from the Broadway play.


Apparently, Disney adapted a story that from Mali. The story the Disney tells leaves much of the important points from the original story. The original story had little to do with actual lions, even though Sundjata (also known as Sundiata) was know as "The Lion King."

Check out this movie below to get an idea of the real story:

The Lion King is a 13th century African Emperor

The disturbing thing about this isn't that Disney borrowed and adapted an existing story. It's that they didn't give credit or acknowledge the original story in the credits of the film. All it would take is small paragraph explaining where the story came from. Instead Disney simply took what they could from it and portrayed the work as their own creation. It wouldn't be that big of deal of the story originated in the United States. But because it originated in Mali, it comes off extremely greedy and unethical.

This, sadly, can be one of the downsides of capitalism and those companies that succeed extremely well in it. It makes me extra sad because the is always an aura of innocence and purity I associate with Disney…mainly because it was so important to me in my childhood. I hope that this isn't a regular pattern of Disney Pictures :(

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