Disney Blog: Rober Iger up for CEO of the Year

According to Market Watch Robert Iger (CEO of Disney) is up for CEO of the year for 2008.


The CEOs are chosen on the basis of their company’s stock market and financial performances compared to their own industry groups and all large companies traded on US markets. Only firms with market caps of over $5 billion were considered. 24/7 reviewed revenue growth, operating margins, balance sheets, return on assets, and return on equity.

Iger has done quite a job turning the company around after Eisner. At least the board of directors definitely things so:

In this article "Disney Eager on Iger", it explained the Iger, at the beginning of this year, has already been signed for a five year contract with Disney to stay on as CEO.

I am glad that Disney is going to have a consistent CEO that does such an excellent job balancing all the companies franchises!

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