Disney Blog: Return to Narnia

December 1st, 2008

Museum Exhibit on the Chronicles of Narnia

In USA Today they announced that Walt Disney Pictures, along with Walden Media, is putting on a museum exhibit based off of the C.S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. It opened Friday and will be open up until April 19th. It is supposed to be a way to celebrate reading, while still being entertaining.

According to the article:


Upon entering the exhibit, visitors pass through a re-creation of Lewis' study, complete with the author's childhood drawings of ''Animal-Land,'' an early Narnia prototype, before being ushered into a small, wood-paneled room with an enormous ''wardrobe'' (actually, big, fancy carved doors). A narrator sets up the story, then bam: The door swing open to reveal falling snow, cascading onto the pine trees just past the clothing racks.

The rest of the exhibit seems to continue with hands-on rooms related to specific events within the book. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you read the book or see the movie prior to going to exhibit. Another refreshing part of the exhibit, as opposed to typical Disney entertainment, is that it includes education aspects into the exhibit:

As children learn about the forests and animals of Narnia, they'll also learn about the dangers of global warming and deforestation, as well as how critters communicate.

I think this is awesome. Disney is celebrating the roots of one of its movies and encouraging kids to stay in touch with literature despite being in the age of technology. I wish that Disney would do more to celebrate the educational base behind its films…especially since more and more of their films are based on books. For example, their should be an exhibit on the true origins of the Lion King Story (see my blog entry). Or something less controversial. Either way, I like seeing that Disney is taking advantage of that fact that it has a huge influence on the minds of todays youth.

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