Disney Blog: New Tradition of Movie Shorts

November 13, 2008

Pixar's tradition of shorts films is now being carried over to Disney.

Lassater's Influence


John Lasseter, the founder of Pixar who was the pioneer of short films for Pixar, is now the also head of Walt Disney Animated Studios, following the 2006 merger.

He is greatly changing the direction of Disney animated films, starting with films like Monsters Inc., Disney's Tinker Bell ( which will be followed with a trilogy of fairy stories), Cars, Meet the Robinsons, Ratatouille, and Wall*E. Many critics of Disney productions over the last decades believe Lassater's influence has been a much needed change.

Lasseter's concept of movie shorts was initially made as way for animators to experiment and train on new technologies. At the same time, the public has been able to benefit from the added entertainment value. The list of Pixar short films can be found here. This is one of my personal favorites "Geri's Game":

Disney's New Projects


Already, Disney is starting to make its own collection of short films, which includes films like Glago's Guest and The Ballad of Nessie. Currently, Disney's project is the work on the short film that will go with the movie Bolt, which will be released next year. The short film for Bolt was supposed to be Glago's Guest, but it recently got pulled for use with a different movie. In the future, Disney plans on going through the process of having complementary animated shorts with every new film.

Some of Disney's upcoming films that you should expect to see clips in are The Princess and the Frog (2009), Rapunzel (2010), The King of Elves (2012).

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