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November 29th, 2008

Hope you are having a great holiday !!

There is not much going on for Disney Pictures today :(

You should check out these awesome Podcasts from Laughing Place.com (pretty much the main fan-based Disney Blog). Even though their Podcasts cover lots on non-movie related news, I skimmed through and highlighted only the movie related news.

November 21st PodCast

On Disney's pairing its next five movies with IMAX 3-D (starting with Christmas Carol), they seemed to believe that Disney might be overdoing its use of IMAX so that it is not as exciting anymore. Some other candidates for IMAX, which might


The Beauty and the Beast re-make will be out in 2010 and will be in IMAX (3-D). The producer of the new Beauty and the Beast, Don Hahn and co-directors Kirk Wise and Gary Trousdale, and Sara Duran-Singer, used to work for Disney and then moved on to do work for Dreamworks. By working on a Disney film again, they wondered that Disney might be interested in bringing some of the same producers back.

On another note, If you are big on cruises, the Disney Cruise Line will feature a 3-D IMAX theater in order to accommodate the Beauty and the Beast film.

November 7th PodCast

About Disney's finance info for the year end, which were down from the prior Q3. They are performing better than the industry, but compared with the larger economy they are not doing as well. The conscensus is that they OK, but Iger's forcast sounded pessimistic for the next year:


"This is clearly a difficult and unpredictable time and while our businesses aren't immune, the strength of our assets, brands, and management team positions us well for the long term."

The Tinkerbell movie came out on DVD…seemed to be interesting take on the most "sexualized character" in Disney and will develop into a series. Also, High School Musical 3 came out, which seems to have a lot less audience participation. However, there will be a "High School Music 3 Nation-Wide Sing Along" which will come to about 25 theaters.

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