Disney Blog: Disney and IMAX Team Up

November 20th, 2008

A November 19th article in Market Watch explained the Disney Pictures has agreed to release 5 films through IMAX. IMAX is a 3-D style cinema. According to Market Watch:

The 3-D style is sought by movie studios and theater owners because these kinds of flicks can fulfill a marketer's dream: young, enthusiastic crowds which are willing to pay higher-than-usual ticket prices for the dazzling technology.


IMAX's stocks have been falling lately and this agreement is supposed to give them a boost. Even though Disney just recently released Bolt in 3-D, the will be an additional five films in the future using this technology. The first of which is A Christmas Carol, which comes out during the holiday season of next year.

My only worry about this agreement is whether it will reduce the perceived quality of Disney films. If most of Disney's films have the 3-D features, perhaps they will feel less special to views and 3-D will come to be a feature that viewers expect. If 3-D is not done properly, viewers become can be underwhelmed by the entire film. 3-D needs to be an asset to the existing film, not a cheap way to get viewers in the door. If viewers don't appreciate the 3-D experience, they will have no incentive to see the film again or rent it when it comes out on video. I think Disney should be more cautious with which films are in 3-D.

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