Disney Blog: Breakout Bolt Character

November 17th, 2008

Rhino Steals the Show

Here is an awesome article in the New York Times November 14th Edition about Mark Walton.

Although most of Disney's animated films typically feature well known celebrity voices, Mark Walton is a Disney animator who was cast for the part of Rhino, an overweight, television-obsessed hamster in the movie Bolt.


Bolt is Disney's latest film, which COMES OUT FRIDAY!!!

It is basically is about a dog who mistakenly thinks he has superpowers. I am excited to see how it ends up - there has been some pressure on the film as it is the first movie that has been overseen entirely by John Lasseter, who recently became head of Disney Pictures as well as Pixar Animation Studios.

Even though big names like Miley Cyrus are in the film, much of the success and hype about the movie has been attributed to the character of Rhino. According to the New York Times:

"[Chris] Williams said he auditioned several actors to voice Rhino (he’s not naming names) but couldn’t find anybody who performed the role better than his slightly peculiar colleague."

Interestingly enough, Rino is ending up being the star of the show, which is surprising knowing that John Travolta plays Bolt. Here is a really cute trailer featuring Rhino:

After watching that trailer I am excited to go see Bolt this weekend :)

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