Disney Blog: Box Office Ratings

November 19, 2008

According to the November 18th, weekend box office statistics from Show Biz Data, these are the top five grossing films:

Current Box Office Figures


1. Quantum of Solace (SONY)

Thtrs: 3451 / Gross: $4.05M
Total: $75.73M

2. Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (PARAMOUNT)

Thtrs: 4065 / Gross: $1.19M
Total: $119.26M

3. Role Models (UNIVERSAL)

Thtrs: 2798 / Gross: $0.88M
Total: $39.27M

4. Changeling, The (UNIVERSAL)

Thtrs: 1896 / Gross: $0.38M
Total: $28.31M

5. Zack and Miri Make a Porno (WEINSTEIN CO.)

Thtrs: 2210 / Gross: $0.33M
Total: $27.09M

Though Disney's not on there yet, get excited for this weekend !!!! Disney has Bolt coming out this weekend and lot of others as the holiday season approaches.

Disney's Outlook


Most of these films don't directly compete with Disney's market, except for Madagascar. I am curious to see what Bolt, which comes out this Friday, will gross at the Box office. Bolt has tough competition as another family-targeted movie, Twilight also comes out this weekend. Both Twilight and Bolt are expected to gross over $40 Million, though it will be a close race to see who comes in front Additionally, movies like High School Musical 3 and Madagascar will continue to be in theaters, adding to Disney's competition.

Although it's gonna be close, my guess is the Disney is gonna come out on top because Bolt will have the awesome 3-D element :)

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