Disney Blog: Bolt Suffers at the Box Office

November 24th, 2008

Despite all of the effort that Disney has put into its animation teams in order to improve their animated films, Disney had a disappointing weekend at the box office with Bolt this weekend.

This Weekend's Box Office Winners


Twilight, a movie based on a book about vampires with a large pre-teen base, stole the show:

1. Twilight -> Total Gross: $69,637,740
2. James Bond -> Weekend Gross: $26,707,945
3. Bolt -> Weekend $26,233,128

Timing Issues

The Disney Blog blames Disney's loss on timing, not on quality of the film:

When Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince backed off November 21, 2008 to July 2009, Disney moved up the release of BOLT! one week to fill that slot. Obviously Disney thought they’d pick up all those young ‘tweens’ who are so valuable at the box office since they bring their parents and friends with them…As it turns out Walt Disney Animation Studios wasn’t the only company to have that idea; a little studio called Summit moved the release of its Twilight property from mid-Decmeber to the same weekend. Now Disney and Summit were competing head to head for the same ‘tweens’ audience.

Others seem to think the movie isn't different enough from other Dog movies that Disney has come out with. The Bolt review from the Wall Street Journal, described the movie as being uninspiring and not life changing.

Regardless, Disney representatives are optimistic that word of mouth will help out Bolt going into the holiday season. Hopefully… :)

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