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30 Nov 2008 21:14 Disney Blog: Bedtime Stories Trailer
This is an extended trailer about how bedtime stories that Adam Sandler tells to his nephews start to come true in his real life…
29 Nov 2008 20:06 Disney Blog: Johnny Depp's Massive Salary for Pirates
According to Magic Mountain Johnny Depp is going to get approx. $56,000,000 for Pirates of the Caribbean Four.
29 Nov 2008 16:48 Disney Blog: Disney Podcasts
Hope you are having a great holiday !!
29 Nov 2008 00:31 Adventureland (Miramax)
This isn't exactly a "Walt Disney Film" but this is one of the subsidiaries Companies of Disney….
24 Nov 2008 22:26 Disney Blog: Bolt Suffers at the Box Office
Despite all of the effort that Disney has put into its animation teams in order to improve their animated films, Disney had a disappointing weekend at the box office with Bolt this weekend.

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Disney Blog: Quantum of Solace Trailer with the Incredibles

November 15, 2008 With all the excitement of 007's Quantum of Solace this weekend, I thought this was a really cute trailer: There is no difference in text from the original trailer, just lots of...

007 animation bond disney incredibles
Disney Blog: Holiday Film Industry

November 14th, 2008 According to Claude Brodesser-Akner in Advertising Age the movie industry is in for a rough Holiday Season New Movie Critics are Negatively Affect Hollywood HAVING SPENT the...

downsides movie-critics movie-industry
Disney Blog: New Tradition of Movie Shorts

November 13, 2008 Pixar's tradition of shorts films is now being carried over to Disney. Lassater's Influence John Lasseter, the founder of Pixar who was the pioneer of short films for Pixar, is now...

john-lasseter movie-shorts pixar
Disney Blog: Steve Jobs and Disney

October 22nd, 2008 Steve Jobs is one of several members on the Walt Disney Company's Board- by owning six percent of the company he is the largest single owner. He is also one of the most influential...

apple disney steve_jobs
Disney Blog: Tim Burton and New Disney Films

October 21, 2008 Tim Burton Discusses Alice In Wonderland and Johny Depp Tim Burton did not appreciate the original Alice in Wonderland. He felt it tried avoid being too wired and in the process ended...

alice johnny-depp pirates-4 tim-burton
Disney Blog: Disney Remains the Strongest Stock

October 16, 2008 This article from BusinessWeek has some optimistic words for the larger Walt Disney Corporation If I may grossly oversimplify, the stories go something like this: News Corp.'s...

finance stock
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