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02 Dec 2008 22:01 Disney Blog: Bad News for Narnia Fans
Today is the Release of Prince Caspian on DVD.
02 Dec 2008 04:20 Disney Blog: Disney Nominated for Many Annie Awards
The Annie Awards are the most prestigous award for animation. This years Annie Awards will be January 30th, 2009. According to Wikipedia:
01 Dec 2008 16:58 Disney Blog: Return to Narnia
In USA Today they announced that Walt Disney Pictures, along with Walden Media, is putting on a museum exhibit based off of the C.S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. It opened Friday and will be open up until April 19th. It is supposed to be a way to celebrate reading, while still being entertaining.
01 Dec 2008 16:13 Disney Blog: Thanksging Box Office Results
Hope your holiday weekend treated you well :) It certainly treated the Box Office well! According to CBS this was the second biggest revenue grossing Thanksgiving weekend in history:
30 Nov 2008 23:37 Disney Blog: 70th Anniversary of Pinocchio
An article from Laughing Place reminded me that there is a 70th Anniversary edition of Pinocchio that was released. Even though home video isn't quite the focus of this site, this was definitely one of the key movies in Disney's origins.

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Disney Blog: Bedtime Stories Trailer

November 30th, 2008 Extended Trailer for Bedtime Stories This is an extended trailer about how bedtime stories that Adam Sandler tells to his nephews start to come true in his real life -Comes...

bedtime-stories trailer
Disney Blog: Johnny Depp's Massive Salary for Pirates

November 29, 2008 According to Magic Mountain Johnny Depp is going to get approx. $56,000,000 for Pirates of the Caribbean Four. Johnny Depp apparently and loves the films and his character Jack...

johnny-depp pirates
Disney Blog: Disney Podcasts

November 29th, 2008 Hope you are having a great holiday !! There is not much going on for Disney Pictures today :( You should check out these awesome Podcasts from Laughing Place.com (pretty much the...

beauty finance podcasts tinkerbell
Adventureland (Miramax)

November 28, 2008 This isn't exactly a Walt Disney Film but this is one of the subsidiaries Companies of Disney . Miramax According to Daylife's Miramax Blog: Miramax Films is a film production and...

adventureland disney miramax trailer
Disney Blog: Bolt Suffers at the Box Office

November 24th, 2008 Despite all of the effort that Disney has put into its animation teams in order to improve their animated films, Disney had a disappointing weekend at the box office with Bolt this...

bolt box-office twilight
Disney Blog: The Lion King Story

November 22, 2008 Sorry that I am really behind the times, considering The Lion King came out in 1994. I was recently thinking about this because I just found my soundtrack from the Broadway play. ...

disney downsides lion_king
Disney Blog: Disney and IMAX Team Up

November 20th, 2008 A November 19th article in Market Watch explained the Disney Pictures has agreed to release 5 films through IMAX. IMAX is a 3-D style cinema. According to Market Watch: The 3-D...

3-d disney imax
Disney Blog: Box Office Ratings

November 19, 2008 According to the November 18th, weekend box office statistics from Show Biz Data, these are the top five grossing films: Current Box Office Figures 1. Quantum of Solace (SONY)...

bolt box-office november
Disney Blog: Mickey's Birthday

November 19th, 2008 While looking up Walt Disney's famous I found this quote: I only hope that we don't lose sight of one thing - that it was all started by a mouse. Walt Disney Sadly, I missed...

birthday history micky mouse
Disney Blog: Breakout Bolt Character

November 17th, 2008 Rhino Steals the Show Here is an awesome article in the New York Times November 14th Edition about Mark Walton. Although most of Disney's animated films typically feature well...

bolt mark-walton rhino
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