Custom Search Engine

Maximizing Search Potential

A custom search engine is an awesome of specifying a search tool to your specific needs. It is particularly useful for those that have a very thorough knowledge of their topic and have a good idea of all the sites that out there.

Creating a Custom Search Engine is surprisingly easy. You typically will select one of your favorite tools from the Custom Search Engine Tools. You then go to site and they walk you through pretty easily. The hard part on your half is knowing which links you would like to specified as "searchable links" or "avoidable links."

Custom Search Engines and WikiDot

I personally use Google now because it is the only one of the tools that will embed within WikiDot. Here is the one I made:

To find out more about what are the inputs into this search engine, click on the header. I have found that the more link that I add to this site that better it gets as a tool. I added lots of niche sites and alternative search engines, which greatly improved its results. I highly recommend using a custom search engine!

To learn about general custom search engine tools, check out the Blog I wrote on Custom Search Engines !

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