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Moving Away From You Tube

For following current events of Disney Pictures, it is really helpful to look at the trailers of upcoming films. However, some of the trailers that you would find on You Tube are not that great of quality. Sometimes, the film is not clear, choppy, and the audio makes it hard to understand. For this reason I strongly suggest moving away from You Tube for the purposes of this project.

In the same way, I have also been less than thrilled with the videos I have gotten from Google Video. For one, the query needs to be really, really specific in order to find something you can use. Then the retrievals are blend of useful and non-useful and rarely gives you any materials that encourage you to learn more about a subject you are unfamiliar with.

Even though You Tube and Google Video can be fine for recreational searching and the occasional exploration, in order to make your research on Disney Pictures as amazing as possible I want to present the most amazing search tool I have found yet….



Truveo is a video-specific search tool, however, it can give you suggestions for PodCasts as well. Because users cannot upload videos themselves, the content that you get tends to be high quality. The
The Wall Street Journal calls it:

"…the best Web-wide video-search engine I've seen"

Even though I am not an expert, I completely agree. On my first visit, I entered the query Walt Disney Pictures. Thats not a very unique or specific query, but I wasn't quite sure what I wanted. Already, Truveo returned with a whole page of options. All of the retrievals were useful or interesting. And they were all trailers. While with You Tube, most of the retrievals were random useless stuff that users had uploaded. And what was awesome was that a lot of these trailers were for movies that I hadn't heard of yet that were coming out in 2009, 2010, or 2011.

The interface really has some phenomenal features:

  • You can explore the videos based on "top ranked,"most visited," "most recent….
  • You can RSS the video search
  • It also shows you IMDb video options on the right hand side (which can also be RSSed)
  • There are podcast and additional video options under "featured channels" at the bottom of the page
  • Under "more channels" it has tons of other videos from over ten other sites and shows you how many retrievals per site (showing how transparent Truveo is :) )

In the Future

Truveo isn't just a great way to find trailers. You can use it for finding professional and credible information as well. And almost all of it is at least a credible video, even if it isn't particularly useful. You never will feel like you are wasting your time at Truveo. In the future, I strongly recommend using Truveo for nearly all your media-related needs.

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