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By Susan KennedySusan Kennedy (1225723924|%a, %b %e at %I:%M%p)

My Search for Unique Images

Like most people, when I first sought to add images to my Wiki I looked through Google Images. If Google didn't have what I wanted, I would settle for something less than desirable. The problem with this is that not only do your presentations look unexceptional, but they tend to look just like all others. Because I wanted to see how I can make my presentation stand out, I spent this week exploring different kinds of image search tools.


The Criteria

All of the image search tools that I explored I tested to see how useful they would be for looking at my particular project on Walt Disney Pictures. I then ranked them according to how useful I felt they would be. It should be noted that I ranked these sites subjectively and only within reference to how useful they were for finding images on Disney. This does not mean that they are not useful for other purposes :)

That being said, I based my criteria around ease of interface, filtering capabilities, quality of images, efficiency of site, ability to USE the images retrieved, and reliability of the search software.

The Rankings

(One being the highest)…Click on them to read my in depth analysis of each tool.

  1. Compfight
  2. Flickr
  3. Picitup
  4. Ask Image Search
  5. Pixolu
  6. Exalead Image Search
  7. Google News Images
  8. Google Image Search
  9. PicSearch
  10. Tineye
  11. MorgueFile
  12. Yahoo! News Images
  13. Yahoo! Image Search
  14. Image After
  15. FaceSaearch

Why I Ranked Compfight Number One

Quality of Images

Firstly, because Compfight is search tool of Flickr, which is a private database, the images really are unique. They images that uses submitted themselves and are generally much more aesthetic than any images you find on Google. Here are a sample of some of the images of found through Compfight, using the query Disney:

flickr:2052318808 flickr:2187966935

Flickr Works Easy with Wiki Sites


It is very easy to use public Flickr images in your wiki. Once you find an image on Compfight (or Flickr), click "All Sizes" and then copy the url. When you using the image wizard in wiki, you simply have to select the "Flickr" bullet and then copy and paste the url of the image that you selected.

The only problem is that you do not have as much control over sizing as you would think. On compfight, you can select which size you would like (from a small square to a large size). However, the wiki image wizard doesn't use the specific image size URL. Therefore, even though you selected "thumbnail" size, you may get a slightly larger image. This can get frustrating when you can't use an image simply because it is too large :(

The interface

Compfights interface was extremely easy to use. It wasn't necessary have a very specific query in order to get images I could use, which is why I didn't the filtering options that Google and Ask need.

Likewise, the images are displayed very clearly against one other so you can get a very clear idea of how an image looks before you have to click on it. Likewise, for all public images you can run your mouse over it in order to get the dimensions of the original image.

It Will Always Depend


Although my rankings are what I said NOW, that doesn't mean I will not change this based on need. It is hard to know how badly you could use a tool until you actually need it. Therefore, I suggest you make your self somewhat aware of all of these tools so when that time comes around you can take advantage of what is out there :)

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