Wrapping Your Head Around Walt Disney Pictures

The role that film plays within the Walt Disney Company has greatly changed as the company expanded. The Company has started and bought many other studio companies which can make it slightly confusing to understand what encompasses "Walt Disney Pictures."

  • Walt Disney Pictures is the distribution arm for animated and live action films which were mainly produced by Walt Disney Studios for the United States. For more information on where Walt Disney Pictures stands today, visit the overview tab.
  • Because Disney has been such a history rooted company, the best way to understand to where the company is now is to discover where the company the History of Walt Disney Pictures.
  • Another thing that may clarify the recent animated films from Disney is to look through the relationship between Disney and Pixar.

After looking through these pages it will be much easier to take in all of the current events within Walt Disney Pictures.

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Background Information Links:


Walt Disney Pictures Overview

An overview of where the company stands as of 2008.


History of Walt Disney Pictures

A brief overview, starting with the birth of the Walt Disney Company.

Disney Pixar Overview


Following the 2006 merger, many of Disney's films have been a co-production with Pixar.

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