Advanced Wiki: Improving Page Layouts

There are certain features to this site that I particularly appreciate using. I have found these through looking through the "Wiki Syntax Page" the "Wiki Syntax Page" and searching the general web. Don't worry, I have minimal background in web design - this stuff really isn't that hard !

Creating A Custom Header

Takes a little bit of time in photoshop, but then you just upload the image as a file underneath the file tab of the start page and then make sure that you have a custom template setting. Use this:

Adding a Site Logo (Snippets)

Using DIVs

DIVs are the box-like outlines that you can create to go around text in order to make it easier to view. For example, on the About Me page on this site, each one of those boxes is a DIV. You can customize DIV to suite your needs. Another place I used DIVs was for the floating time line on the Disney Pictures History Page. The way I got familiar with them is by using these:

Custom Div Blocks to Create Two Columns
Using DIVs to Create Custom Color Blocks (from Snippets)
Extra Side Bar (from Snippets)

Adding Background Colors to DIV tags

Use a link like this and pick your favorite colors and plug the number into the "background:#" part of the tag

CSS color Chart

Centering an Embedded Video

For some reason, videos initially are not centered.

Center Video (from Snippets)

Sizing Images

All you have to do is is enter "height=Xamount of px" or "width=Xamountpx" and it will automatically re-size. For example, "width=200px". Use this:

Single Images

Adding a Playlist

Playlist (from Snippets)

Whenever you have some free time, search Snippets and Wiki Syntax to find cool stuff!!

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